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Different Meditation Techniques Activate Different Brainwave Frequencies

Updated: Jul 16

Alpha meditation is unique in 2 ways.

1. Alpha enables you to access your conscious and subconscious mind simultaneously.

2. Alpha Brainwaves oscillate at 8-12 Hz. [Electroencephalograph (EEG) measures cerebral activity in Hertz Units/cycles per second].

When it comes to meditating or any form of brain activity for that matter, your central nervous system will be involved. This means moving into and out of different Cerebral (brainwave) frequency bands.





Gamma (High)

70-150 Hz

Hyperactive waking Consciousness. High alert.

Gamma (Low)

30-70 Hz

Heightened level of waking consciousness. Mental Concentration.


13-30 Hz

​Normal waking consciousness. 5 senses alert.


8-12 Hz

​Inner conscious level/ no sense of time or space but consciously active.


4-8 Hz

​Deep Subconscious. Emotional pleasure pain region


1-4 Hz

​Deep sleep/coma/unconscious of the physical world.

Determining what you would like to achieve with your meditation practice, will govern what style of meditation will suit you best.

Gamma & Beta waves are active when dealing with the outer physical world. They are associated with waking states of awareness and consciousness. Brainwaves spike upwards or speed up during certain dynamic meditations which are designed to induce heightened states of physical awareness.

Delta & Theta waves slow down during subconscious and unconscious states. Mediumship, hypnosis anddeep trance like meditations can register delta and theta brainwave activity. Loss of physical awareness and in some cases loss of bodily function would be noted.

Alpha waves oscillate half way between the higher and lower frequency band. For a metaphysician, this is the consciousness sweet-spot where by the practitioner moves into a deeply relaxed state while maintaining full cognitive function.

During an alpha meditation, the practitioner has power to consciously choose and direct the meditation process into the depths of the subconscious mind. From which, a whole new universe of potential opens up.

Clinical science acknowledges the subconscious mind as the store house for all our unconscious psychological behavioral patterns and childhood imprints. For the metaphysician however, the subconscious mind is also a doorway to the subtler dimensions of human the psyche and higher sensory perceptions.

Benefits people have experience with regular alpha meditation include the following.

  • Reprograming the subconscious mind of negative belief systems, negative self-image, past traumas and negative behavioral issues such as addictions, anxiety, depression, anger, etc.

  • Conscious development of Extra Sensory Perceptions and enhanced intuition.

  • Awakening latent manifestation and creative abilities

  • Self-healing

  • Healing of others

  • Access to the Akashi records & collective unconscious

  • Synchronicities and personal guidance

  • Advanced memory skills

  • Heightened creative inspiration and problem-solving skills

  • Expansion of Loving, harmonious relationships

  • Ongoing internal peace and calm

Despite the extraordinary benefits this style of meditation offer, there is actually nothing remarkable about it. Research has shown that we often move in and out of the alpha frequency band many times during a single day. This is something most of us do easily, naturally and without any effort at all. Guru’s, membership programs and expensive courses are unnecessary. A few simple guidelines are all you need.

Jess Stearn (9 x New York best-selling author) describes his exploratory alpha journey in a book called ‘The Power of Alpha Thinking’. It offers a step by step guided that is simple and easy to follow, even for the complete novice.

The book has been recently revised with the addition of 2 x MP3 guided meditations to take you into and out of the alpha state. It is only available at The Quantum Leap Power Center.


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