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"We Use Less Than 10%
of our Brain's Potential"

Learn to harness the untapped powers of your mind and the unlimitied potential of your soul.

Nine times New York best selling author, Jess Stearn, offers you a gateway and skill-set that can transform your life. The Power of Alpha Thinking is a book that will take you on an inner journey to the most powerful and creative resource that you have - your own mind. Master the power of alpha thinking, as thousands have before you and become your own inner guide, teacher warrior, healer; the sculptor of your world, captain of your soul, master of your destiny.

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The Power of Alpha Thinking
Available In English, French,  Spanish, Germain and Chinese.

Alpha Thinking will open your mind to the wonderful experience of positive living through step-by-step instructions for reprogramming your life.


Miraculous experiences of people who practice the positive meditation of Alpha have proven these methods for overcoming smoking, stress, addictions, weight loss, headaches and the list goes on.


Become master of your destiny, the sovereign king of your soul, with the Power of Alpha Thinking.


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The Power Of Alpha Thinking
Available in Pdf, Ebook, MP3 Audio.  MP3 Guided meditations are included in the audio version but also available for individual purchase.

Jess Stearn

Jess Stearn was an extraordinary author who started his writing career back in the 1930’s as a 17-year-old journalist for the New York Times. From there life took him on a fascinating journey which fruited over 30 books, 9 of which were best sellers.

There is no doubt that his books, starting with 2 biographies on Edgar Cayce, opened a door for an extensive exploration into the occult, psychic phenomena and spirituality.


In 1956, with his best-selling book, 'Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation', he became a forerunner for bringing eastern philosophies to the west. But it is with this book 'The Power of Alpha Thinking' that Jess becomes a guiding light for our current times.

Jess Stearn
The Power Of Alpha Thinking
By Jess Stearn
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